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An action-packed two days, WebexOne is fueled by new innovations. Let’s take a tour through all the announcements.


Thousands of people around the world joined us for WebexOne, eager to hear about what’s in store for hybrid work and how to deliver customer experiences that live up to—and exceed—demanding expectations.

The event did not disappoint.

Insightful keynotes revealed candid conversations on everything from modern day company cultures to how to make work not suck. Customers got on stage and recalled their stories of hybrid work success. There were even training courses offered for all attendees with technical deep-dives and product tips and tricks.

But perhaps it was the announcements and groundbreaking innovations that stole the show. With so many new products and features announced across the entire portfolio, it may be hard to keep track. That’s why WebexOne Wire is here to help you break them all down.

Reimagined Workspaces

Enable intelligent, engaging, and inclusive collaboration experiences with new features that can make any place your workspace.

Person in a headset collaborates with a group of colleagues via a video conference on a laptop in the kitchen.
  • Effortless mobility

    Cisco Headset 720 Series
    The Cisco Headset 720 Series is an on-ear and wireless style that has everything you need in a business headset. The lightweight design with two wearing styles provides all-day comfort paired with easy connectivity, 276° rotation boom arm with flip-to-mute, and the all-new one button to join for Webex and Microsoft Teams.
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    Headset Advancements
    AI voice-activated microphone for Cisco headset cuts off noise entirely when someone is not speaking, removing distractions from the call. And the new one button to join on the headset will now include Microsoft Teams meetings.

    Webex for Cars
    Webex is working with car manufacturers and mobile operators to simplify mobile work on the go, safely.

    The Webex move-meeting-to-mobile feature keeps your meeting going without disrupting or disconnecting the meeting. Simply use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code and transition your meeting from your computer or laptop to your mobile.

    Users can also safely join meetings, check calendar, or listen to recordings while in their car by simply connecting iPhone to the vehicle using the Webex integration with CarPlay.

  • Rich office experiences

    Cisco Room Kit EQ Featuring the Codec EQ
    Meet as equals. Level the playing field with the most advanced collaboration device for smart, equitable meetings. Cisco Codec EQ, the next generation of the Codec Plus, is an AI-powered video collaboration appliance designed to bring robust connectivity, high performance, and flexible integration to large workspaces, including conference rooms, training rooms, and auditoriums.

    Get inclusive camera views and audio intelligence, flexible configuration and extension options, rich content sharing experiences, seamless switching to BYOD mode, and an optimized experience for Webex and Microsoft Teams to power convenient hybrid work from your large meeting spaces.
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    Cisco Spaces and Control Hub Integration
    Facilitate easier monitoring and feed 3D Rich Maps with metrics such as meeting space occupancy, environmental conditions, and more. This reduces IT configuration time by extracting Cisco device sensor data and automatically publishing it to Cisco Spaces to enable intelligent workplace experiences and operations.

    Hot Desking on the Cisco Video Phone 8875
    We’ve updated the Cisco Video Phone 8875 with next generation Webex Calling hot desking features that are ideal for return-to-office shared workspace environments. Users can easily personalize the 8875 with their phone number and extension, call history, and voicemail by scanning a QR code with their mobile phone.

    In-Meeting Enhancements
    Attendees of webinars can now use their Webex devices to join the event.

    Users joining a Webex meeting from a device that is running on RoomOS 11 now have a way of keeping track of the conversation going on in the meeting chat.

    New meeting layouts let users see 19 video streams along with shared content in a Webex Meeting, making room for more remote participants, while giving both the speaker and content a prominent view.

    Sustainability: Set Office Hours on a Device
    This switches off always-on features, such as signage, outside of ordinary office hours. You can also prevent the device from waking up just because it detects motion in the room.

    Cisco Devices Certification for Microsoft Teams Rooms
    Our market-leading Cisco devices will soon natively run Microsoft Teams Rooms, bringing our world-class AI capabilities and inclusive features like audio intelligence with background noise removal, people focus, analytics, and management to any workspace.
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  • Frictionless interoperability & integrations

    Microsoft Certifications for Peripheral Devices
    The first devices certified to be used with Microsoft Teams include the Cisco Headset 320, Cisco Headset 720, and the Cisco Camera 4K. This includes the new one button to join a Microsoft Teams meeting from the Headset 720 series.

Flexible Workstyles

One workstyle does not fit all, and collaboration tools should adapt to power your best work, your way. New innovations make it easier than ever to create dynamic work environments that can be personalized to each unique working style.

Person in a headset collaborates with a group of colleagues via a video conference on a laptop in the kitchen.
  • Meetings and Messaging

    Mobile Camera Share
    Share high-quality live feed from the mobile camera for your meeting participants. Everyone can respond, interact, and engage in a timelier way with the ability to annotate, zoom in, zoom out, and work together on a live feed instead of on static pre-developed content.

    Recording Enhancements
    Change recording layouts dynamically at any time, use chapters to quickly navigate and consume recordings, and attach speaker names to every dialogue in a transcript. Plus, all recordings will be available on the web portal for multiple downloads at once that give you faster offline access and processing.

    Enhanced Whiteboarding
    The new Webex Whiteboard helps distributed teams interact right in the meeting on the same whiteboarding screen, without having to leave the app. Teams can then centrally manage all whiteboards in one place within the Webex App.

    Scalable Grid Layout
    Introducing an enhanced and expanded layout experience for more engaging real-time collaboration. Users can choose the most suitable video view layout with options that include the ability to select up to 81 video views per grid.

    Add Rooms
    With the Add Rooms feature, any attendee can easily search for nearby rooms and add them to the meeting invite, based on their location and convenience. They can book a room right from the meeting invite without opening a separate calendar app.

    Custom Dictionary​
    Speak a common language and keep everyone on the same page with the ability to add company-specific or industry-specific names and acronyms to a custom dictionary for Closed Captioning.

    Grouping of Spaces
    With the grouping of spaces, you can categorize conversations and team spaces based on groups that are relevant to you. With a few simple clicks, consolidate similar spaces into groups so you never have to worry about missing important information again.

    Public Spaces ​
    Create spaces that are easily discoverable to people within your organization. Public spaces bring distributed teams together by allowing anyone to find, create, and join spaces around topics important to them, creating a bigger sense of community.

    Surfacing Time Zones & Work Locations
    See the local time zone of coworkers directly in their contact cards for easier collaboration with global contacts. You can also update your work location in the Webex App, such as in the office or at home, and make it instantly accessible to everyone.

  • Calling

    Group Call Management
    Many customers get high value from their phone system by using hunt groups and call queues to ensure they have excellent call coverage for important functions in need of live support. We’re taking it to the next level by providing more advanced features like skills-based routing, caller requested callback, and performance analytics reporting—all included at no extra charge for Webex Calling Professional subscribers.

    Webex Calling Integration with Microsoft Teams
    Deliver Webex Calling directly through the Microsoft Teams interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps and providing a more complete experience that includes call history, presence, and mid-call controls.

    Webex Calling for Chrome
    Webex Calling for Chrome enables users to make and receive phone calls directly from the Google Chrome browser without the need of a separate app. Users have access to enterprise calling features like directory search, presence, mid-call features, and voicemail access.

    Site Survivability
    Network issues are unpredictable and can arise at any time. These outages almost always lead to a greater need for calling—to share details, check on status, and ensure the safety of people. Webex Calling Site Survivability is an insurance policy against network outages for sites—all managed from Control Hub.

    Enhanced Shared Line and Multi-Line Support
    Multi-line support for multi-tenant Webex Calling enables lines (DIDs, extensions, phone numbers) to be configured for one user, without the need of additional calling entitlements. This feature also complements other new Webex Calling features like multi-call window and group call management, and enables a shared line group to be configured for multiple users.

    Business Texting
    Webex Calling users can easily send and receive person-to-person text messages from within the Webex App.

  • Webinars and Events

    Webex Webinars: Stage Manager (Production Tools) and Network Device Interface
    Customize the backsplash, add your logo, and create name tags for each panelist. This allows you to strengthen your company's brand and put a bigger spotlight on your speakers. Video producers can also utilize Network Device Interface (NDI) to modify their video streams to add customized lower thirds, backgrounds, animations, and more.

    Webex Events: Real-Time Closed Captioning & Translations for VOD & Simulive
    Provides closed captioning capability in English and various languages for video on demand and Simulive events in Webex Events web and mobile applications.

    Webex Events: Lobby and Content Widgets
    The new Lobby Feature will enable event organizers to create a powerful, more natural landing experience for their attendees. They’ll be able to surface key event content or messages to attendees on the front page of their event app or mobile event app with customizable modules. This helps attendees better orient to the virtual event space, find event information quickly, and easily navigate to key features and content.

  • Integrations

    Embedded App: App Discovery and Personalization
    A new admin suggested app functionality enables Control Hub admins to curate the list of suggested apps that display for their users. This curated experience allows each organization to enable their teams in meaningful ways and expand collaboration capabilities by featuring only the most relevant embedded apps.

    Workflow Integrations
    Continued innovation with Webex Embedded Apps. Coming soon, Seismic's innovative sales enablement platform will provide client-facing teams with the tools, skills, and insights to engage buyers and grow their businesses right within their Webex Meetings.

Management and

Webex and Cisco deliver easy-to-manage, end-to-end solutions that power and secure hybrid work collaboration experiences on a global scale.
User enjoys the security of Webex Calling
Control Hub as a CoachActing as a coach, Control Hub provides step-by-step guidance encouraging administrators to set, track, and achieve collaboration objectives.
Security: Audio Watermarking A hidden unique identifier determines where a meeting audio file was recorded and validates the device used—helping to trace the source of recordings should they be compromised.
Security: Duo Added to Extended Security Pack Duo Multi-factor Authentication is added to the Extended Security Pack bundle enabling single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication and passwordless authentication for Webex.
Webex for Defense Voice and Video Calling and Microsoft Teams​ Government organizations who have Microsoft Teams can use Webex for Defense HCS-D for their voice and video calling.